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Remedial and Sports Therapy
Remedial Massage
REMEDIAL MASSAGE uses a wide range of specific massage techniques to treat all types of muscle, nerve and joint pain and injuries. Below are some techniques;

*Myofascial Release Therapy is used to treat body movement dysfunction and resulting pain, and restriction of movement.

*Trigger Point Therapy is used to treat painful spots in the muscle. These trigger points may be tender and may radiate pain to broader areas. 

*Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is used to treat muscular hypotonicity, an unusual tightness/stiffness and/or pull of muscles resulting in restricted movement and pain.

*Manual Lymphatic Drainage uses gentle pressure to encourage the natural draining of Lymph from tissues that are compromised with fluid retention and swelling such as Lymphoedema. Lymphoedema may occur after surgery. If left untreated, tissues with Lymphoedema are at risk of infection. Manual Lymphatic Draining is used :
  • when there is swelling after tooth extraction or root canal therapy after a dentist visit
  • when there is swelling of hands or feet or ankles during pregnancy
  • after surgery, especially where lymph nodes are removed, once approved by your doctor
  • when you are suffering from sinusitis/hay fever
Did you know that around 2 litres of lymph passes around our entire body over a 24 hour period. After a Manual Lymphatic Drainage session this figure increases to around 30 litres of lymph, meaning that healing time is greatly increased!

*Rolfing (rolling of skin) is used to treat tight connective tissue (fascia)



30 min -----------------------$
60 min -----------------------$ 
90 min -----------------------$

Available eftpos, Health Fund Rebates
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